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Search options

NEBIS recherche offers quick and easy access to the NEBIS catalog (Tab “Books, Journals, Images…”). Around 10.5 million titles listed in the joint catalog by the network libraries can currently be browsed through: books, series, journals and non-book materials.

Searches in NEBIS recherche take place using the popular search engines. The list of hits is sorted according to relevance and can be refined via filters, e.g. according to particular publication years, publication forms or availability.

Tips and tricks for NEBIS recherche

Not enough hits?

Check whether…
… the search terms are spelled correctly.
… the system offers you a viable alternative in the “Did you mean…?” section under the menu
bar “Results”.
… synonyms or related terms for the topic sought expand your search request
… the Boolean operator OR between individual words might make sense. This means you will
find hits that contain either one term or the other.
… you can use the search suggestions under the results list or detailed display.

Too many hits in NEBIS recherche?

You can…
… use the facets next to the search results to narrow down the number of hits.
… add new search terms to your search request

Why doesn’t the latest literature appear at the top of the list in NEBIS recherche?

The publication year is irrelevant for classification according to relevance. Relevant essentially means what matches your search request the most closely. If you are searching for monographs that are as current as possible, change how the results list is sorted with the option “sorted by: date-newest”.