Primo Central Index

Where are you searching under the tab “Articles and more”?

Under the tab “Articles and more”, you are searching the Primo Central Index (PCI):

The Primo Central Index is a multidisciplinary index of scientific materials with more than 500 million electronic resources accessible via NEBIS recherche:

  • Search in a wide range of information from databases, publishers and aggregators
  • Search in open-access journals and repositories
  • Integrated document types such as E-book chapters, conference reports, reviews, etc.
  • Display of recommendations and citations

The default query in the tab “Articles and more” searches all sources which are activated in the Primo Central Index in the NEBIS network. You can restrict your search to sources licensed by at least one of the libraries in the NEBIS network. To do so, click on the right side under the facet “Availability” on “Online resources”.


Here you find the schedule of the activated collections in Primo Central Index for NEBIS recherche:


If you have no access to the document despite the link “Online resource” being displayed, your library has probably not licensed the title. Get more information about the resources available to you at your library of predilection / the library of your institution.

The search in the tab “Articles and more” is suitable for a first search for scientific articles, book chapters, and more.
For complete coverage of the topic, you should in addition search specialist databases (Web of science, Avery index, etc.).

The Primo Central Index is, as Primo (the name of the discovery tool which you know from NEBIS recherche), a product of the company Ex-Libris. You will find more information about ExLibris and Primo under:

The libraries of the network are at your disposal for questions and suggestions.