Loan information

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User account

Log into your user account to order documents (loans, order copies) and use the personalisation features (e-Shelf and language settings). Your loans, orders and any reminders, fees and messages are listed in “My account”. You can amend your personal data (address etc.) under “Personal settings”.
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Duration of the loan period

The duration of the loan period can vary depending on the type of document and the NEBIS library.
In the standard case, the indication reads “loan four weeks”. After the first 4 weeks, the loan period is automatically renewed twice by 4 weeks a time. After that, you can renew your documents a maximum of three times (see online renewal) until a maximum loan period of 24 weeks has been reached. A renewal is only ever possible if the item has not been reserved.

The loan period indicated in the user account or in NEBIS recherche is binding in every case. Consequently, even if reserved, the document is only recalled once this period has elapsed. This also goes for the new loan period after a renewal.
If the maximum loan period has been reached, you must present or return your documents at the holding library’s desk.


Online renewals

You will receive a message requesting you to renew your document online. We recommend you always wait for this message before renewing your documents as this is the only way you can obtain the maximum loan period.

Please note that the new loan period date is reset from the renewal date. Example: one of your documents is due back on 19 December. You renew the document on 23 December, so the new loan period is calculated from 23 December.


Fee scale of the NEBIS libraries

Reminders and various other services are chargeable. This fee scale indicates the general network-wide tariffs.

General fee scale


Recall / message: free
1st reminder: CHF 10.- per document
2nd reminder: CHF 10.- additional per document
3rd reminder: CHF 15.- additional per document

Postal charges

Per document loaned:
National: CHF 12.-
International: CHF 44.-

Copy fees

A number of libraries also offer to send copies. As the fees for this service can vary due to various factors (user category, shipment type, scale, library etc.), we kindly recommend you consult the fee scale of the library in question before placing an order and, if need be, contact the library for clarification.

Fee scales of individual NEBIS libraries