Muttenz campus library: merger of 5 NEBIS libraries


The goal of the project is to support the merger of five FNHW libraries into one new campus library: University Library Muttenz, FHNW Pädagogik Basel, FNHW Pädagogik ISP Basel, FNHW Pädagogik Liestal and FHNW School of Social Work Basel. The new campus library is due to open in September 2018.

The project includes, amongst others, the following works of the NEBIS network head office in collaboration with the library IT services of the ETH library: merger of the catalogue data, individual copies, set-up of a new abbreviation.


  • NEBIS network head office
  • E44 FHNW-HB (Muttenz)
  • N01 FHNW-PH-BS (Basel)
  • N02 FHNW-PH-SP (Basel)
  • N03 FHNW-PH-L (Liestal)
  • N10 FHNW-HSA (Basel)


  • By the end of June 2018: Closure of all 5 libraries
  • September 2018 Opening of the new library