Staff and organizational changes at the NEBIS Network Office

23. April 2018

As of 1 May 2018, Jürgen Küssow, the current Network Coordinator and Head of the NEBIS Network Office, will be in charge of the System Integration project at Swiss Library Service Platform AG (SLSP).

In order to deal with this important change for the NEBIS headquarters, the following decision was made in agreement between the Network Director, Andreas Kirstein and Jürgen Küssow, and the persons mentioned below:

  • The NEBIS Network Office will be integrated as a team into the IT Services group of the ETH-Bibliothek.
  • Michèle Dünki, who was until now Deputy Managing Director Network Office, will take over the future management of NEBIS Network Office and team management.
  • Madeleine Völlmin, Head of the IT Services Group and new superior of Michèle Dünki, will support her in her future activities, in particular on the basis of her extensive working experience within the Network, and will act as her deputy.

These organizational changes will not affect anything for the services and governance of the NEBIS Network.