New national research platform swisscovery

31. August 2020

Update 01.10.2020 Media processing stop

The NEBIS network will be dissolved and replaced by swisscovery, the new library system and the new national research platform.

swisscovery includes more than 30 million books, series, journals and non-book documents as well as more than 3 milliard electronic articles. swisscovery  is operated by the Swiss Library Service Platform, in short SLSP. SLSP was founded by 15 university libraries. To date, 475 libraries from all over Switzerland have joined the network.

From 7 December 2020, the holdings of all libraries previously in NEBIS will be searchable and accessible via swisscovery.

New registration

For data protection reasons, all users – including previous users – must re-register via a SWITCH edu-ID in order to use the new system. Registration will already be possible before the switch to the new library system. We will inform you in due time.

Adaption of services

With the change to the new system and platform, many services and tariffs of academic libraries in Switzerland will be standardized. The concrete adaptions are communicate as soon as defined.

Stop of loan and order

During the few days before the change of system, it will not be possible to borrow documents. This borrowing stop is expected to take place in early December 2020. The NEBIS loan network will probably be deactivated from mid-November onwards. It will then no longer be possible to order documents from the network to your home library. The documents can only be collected on site at the owner library.

Media processing stop
Some libraries may encounter delays in delivering new acquisitions between 21 October and 7 December 2020. Please contact your home library for further information.

Further procedure

If you have to take steps, you will be informed here and by your home library in due time.