Integration of the Jesuit Library Zurich

21. August 2017

The Jesuit Library in Zurich is a public lending library whose collection focusses mainly on publications about the history of the Jesuit order, biblical studies, ecumenism, liberation theology, Second Vatican Council and its reception, Eastern Europe and the Orthodox Church, basic reference books about the main theological disciplines. It is aimed at interested members of the public.

The Jesuit Library is due to open on 1 March 2018. However, it will already be possible to start borrowing available books from 1 January 2018; or earlier on request. A larger part of the collection can be borrowed, the other resources can be consulted on-site.

More than 25’000 bibliographic records have now been integrated into the NEBIS network for the Jesuit Library. In parallel, a retrospective cataloguing project is bringing older collections into the catalogue