Fusion of the libraries of the Swiss National Bank in Bern (E96) and Zurich (E95)

4. June 2018

Due to fusion of the locations Bern and Zurich of the library of the Swiss National Bank, the inventories of the location in Bern (formerly SNB-BE/E96) have been integrated into the location in Zurich (SNB-ZH/E95). The documents can still be ordered and taken out on a loan basis. However, there may be a delivery period of 4-5 days (in accordance with location text in the three frontends of NEBIS research, ETH research portal and UZH/ZB research portal).

At its location in Zurich, the Swiss National Bank maintains a library / information and documentation centre covering the subject areas of financial policy, political economy, ready money and banking. The library of the SNB is open to the public.