Farewell to Florian Huber

17. July 2017

Florian Huber is leaving the NEBIS Library Network Headquarters and from today is working in the library IT section of the ETH library (BIT). Florian joined the Library Network Headquarters in February 2015 and worked there in the fields of formal cataloguing, data conversion and SFX. Many of you certainly met him during the RDA retraining courses. At the library IT section of the ETH library (BIT), he will work as a systems librarian with the IDS18 database. The IDS network coordination unit transferred this activity to the ETH library after the systems librarian there left network coordination unit at the end of last year.

We would like to wish Florian Huber every success for his new position and to express our sincere thanks for his contribution to the NEBIS Library Network Headquarters.