Conference InetBib-ODOK 2018 about “Quality of Information”

1. March 2018

From 21 to 23 February 2018, Michèle Dünki of the NEBIS Network Office attended the InetBib-ODOK 2018 conference in Vienna. The conference was held for the first time in conjunction with the 17th edition of “Österreichischen Online-Informationstreffen (ODOK)”.

The main theme of the conference was “quality of information”.

The conference provided practical examples:

  • «Dynamische Ordnungsstrukturen dank RFID-Technologie» by Roland Früh (Sitterwerk)
  • «Indoor-Objektlokalisierung – Transfer von der Industrie in die Bibliothek» by Julian Hinxlage (Fraunhofer IML)

and theoretical presentations:

  • «Whatever Happend to Informationskompetenz ?» by Dr. Karsten Schuldt (HTW Chur)
  • «Open Access im Kontext der UN Sustainable Development Goals» by Patrick Danowski (Institute of Science and Technology Austria)

A thematic block on “library systems” was also proposed, which included a presentation on the implementation of Alma in Austria.

More information on the conference programme can be found on