EPFL, Collections de laboratoires

About the library

Some laboratories of EPFL own specific research book collections.
Visitors may consult these books on the spot after securing an
appointment. This is necessary in order to locate the desired books more
precisely. The books are not available for loans.

EPFL Library acts as a coordinator and contact for this service (as per
the “Contact” section on the menu on the left-hand side).

List of laboratories (March 2017):

  • COSMO Laboratory of Computational Science and Modelling
  • LC Ceramics Laboratory
  • LOMM Laboratory of Optoelectronics of Molecular Materials
  • LP Polymers Laboratory
  • LSMX Computational Materials Laboratory
  • LTC Laboratory of Composite and Polymer Technology
  • LMCH Laboratory of Metallurgical Chemistry
  • LMM Mechanical Metallurgy Laboratory
  • SMX Materials Science and Engineering Section
  • LMSC Laboratory of Semiconductor Materials
  • LMTM Laboratory of Thermomechanical Metallurgy


Main focus of collection

  • Specific research topics depending on each laboratory (see the
    laboratory list above)