Bibliothek des Asien-Orient-Instituts

About the library

The Asia-Orient Institute has the largest research library on Asian and Oriental Studies in Switzerland and a growing collection on gender studies. The library focuses on languages, literature, philosophy, religion, history and society in China, the Islamic World, Japan, South Asia and Asia in general, as well as gender studies. The library has extensive collections in the original languages as well as in European languages.

The library has two locations: Rämistr. 59 (Islamic World, South Asia, East Asia, Gender Studies) and Zürichbergstr. 4 (China, Japan, Korea).

Main focus of collection

  • Islamic World (Rämistr. 59)
  • South Asia (Rämistr. 59)
  • East Asia (Rämistr. 59)
  • Gender Studies (Rämistr. 59)
  • China (Zürichbergstr. 4)
  • Japan (Zürichbergstr. 4)
  • Korea (Zürichbergstr. 4)