General Terms and Conditions

Application procedure

  • For each course exist a registration deadline. Later applications can only be accepted with the approval of the course supervisors.
  • Applications for the courses are binding and after the application deadline may only be cancelled in exceptional cases (e.g. lengthy sickness).
  • The application deadline for basic courses, workshops and brush-ups ends three weeks before the course starts.


De-registration after the application deadline has passed

  • An administrative fee of CHF 50 will be charged if the person cancels after the application deadline, or fails to turn up, or is absent without valid excuse, except in exceptional cases.


Number of participants

  • A course will only be held if a minimum of five definitive applications are received by the application deadline date.
  • If more applications are received than there are places on the course, a waiting list will be set up.


Courses held in French

  • If two or more French-speakers apply, a translation will be made available for the course. The request for the translation must be submitted to the NVZ before the application deadline.


Binding nature of course participation

  • Participation in basic courses is not always binding in all the NEBIS libraries. For persons who do not achieve the required standard of quality in NEBIS, the NVZ reserves the right to submit a recommendation to attend the course to the competent library management.


Periods of absence during the course

  • Requests to leave early or periods of absence must be submitted in writing to the NVZ before the day of the course including a statement of reasons.


External persons on NEBIS courses

  • Persons who do not work in a NEBIS library may be allowed to attend the courses of the NEBIS network head office provided there are still places available after the application deadline.


Assessment of performance in the basic course Formal Cataloguing

  • The participants on the basic course Formal Cataloguing will receive a course confirmation after completing the course, which includes a note stating that this confirmation does not provide any information about a course participant’s performance.
  • The NEBIS network head office will give the course participants indications of their performance later during the follow-up support.
  • External persons or persons who are not actively working on the production database will not be assessed.