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The NEBIS catalogue lists a total of more than 10.5 million titles (books, series, journals and non-book items). Most of the more than 15 million documents can be ordered online. The precondition for lending out items is to be registered as a user in one of the NEBIS libraries.

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About 140 libraries of universities, universities of applied sciences and arts, and research institutes, as well as specialist libraries, in all the language regions, have joined to form the Network of Libraries and Information Facilities in Switzerland, Netzwerk von Bibliotheken und Informationsstellen in der Schweiz (NEBIS). NEBIS is a member of the Information Network of German-Speaking Switzerland Informationsverbund Deutschschweiz (IDS). The network head office is in Zurich.

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The NEBIS network offers a range of many services for network libraries and users of NEBIS research.

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News 28. April 2020

Covid-19: Library closures

The NEBIS libraries are closed. The NEBIS loan network is interrupt. Due dates for borrowed media are set summarily on 8 of June, 2020; no…

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Projects and cooperation work

The NEBIS network head office implements the projects of the NEBIS network and cooperates on projects across Switzerland. These are the current projects:

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Cancelled: Workshop GND-based Subject indexing – RSWK/RDA

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