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  • Are messages also sent via email?

    Yes, if you have entered your email address in your personal data.

  • Are there some special NEBIS Connection Files for EndNote?

    Yes, you can download the NEBIS Connection File here. For installation information, please visit the official EndNote website.

  • Can I renew loaned documents myself online?

    Yes – once the first 3x 4-weeks have elapsed, you can renew the documents three times online via the NEBIS user account until the maximum loan period has been reached. Then a renewal is only possible if the documents have not been reserved by another user. You will receive a reminder requesting you to renew your documents online. Please also note that the loan periods can vary depending on the type of document or library. For more detailed information and/or clarifications regarding loans/loan periods, please contact the holding library directly: NEBIS libraries.

  • Can loaned documents be renewed?

    In principle, the loan periods can be extended if there is no reservation and no indication to that effect is displayed.

  • From which publication year are the documents displayed in NEBIS recherche?

    The beginning of the reference period varies from library to library depending on when they started recording data electronically. Detailed information is available on the homepages of the NEBIS libraries.

  • How can I register with NEBIS?

    You can register online. Select a home library (library you are likely to use the most frequently and where you will be collecting your documents). Then go to this library to have your registration checked and your account activated.

  • How do I cancel an inadvertent reservation?

    You can delete any reservations for documents already out on loan yourself via your user account: https://recherche.nebis.ch > Sign in > My Account > Requests> link “Cancel”.

  • How do I delete an inadvertent copy order?

    Copy orders can’t be cancelled retrospectively as they are printed out and processed immediately after submission. If copy orders are submitted several times within approx. 20 minutes, however, usually it is automatically assumed that a mistake has been made and the order is processed once.

  • How do I reach the new acquisition list of the NEBIS libraries?

    A number of the NEBIS libraries provide new acquisition lists. These can be accessed on the page libraries.

  • How exactly does SFX work?

    When you click on an SFX button that appears next to a database citation, the database sends specific information to the SFX server as a standardized URL, thereby allowing the server to establish which links are available and relevant to that citation. All full-text e-resources to which the library subscribes are activated in the SFX software and information sent from the database is compared to these resources lists. Should a match be made, the full-text of the article will be offered in the SFX menu. Should no full-text be available, other relevant services will be displayed.

  • How long am I allowed to keep documents on loan?

    Consult the information on loan periods in NEBIS recherche. You can also find the same information on the delivery slip. The standard loan period of “4 weeks” means a 4-weeks loan period, 2x 4-weeks automatic renewal and 3x 4-weeks manual renewal. In order to obtain the maximum loan period, wait for the two automatic renewals then renew yourself after each period of 4-weeks via the NEBIS user account. A renewal is only possible if the item has not been reserved. Please check your NEBIS user account regularly; the required return date is displayed there. This date also remains unchanged even if another user has reserved the item. As a result, you won’t receive a potential recall until the period stated on your user account has elapsed.

  • How long are documents ready for collection available at the desk?

    You have got seven days to pick up the documents marked as “ready for collection” in your user account.

  • I have accidentally ordered a book by post but would like to collect it in person from the library. Can I change this?

    If the book is not yet at the post office, it can be cancelled. Send a message to the holding library. We will take care of the rest for you.

  • I have got the latest browser software versions and am still having problems in NEBIS recherche. What can I do?

    It might have something to do with the configuration of your browser or your internet connection: Firewall, Proxy Server, filter software like WebWasher, disabled Javascript or StyleSheets…. We have compiled a troubleshooting checklist that can also help you solve tricky cases.

    Checklist of Problems (PDF)

  • I’ve already got a card from another library. Can I also use it in NEBIS?

    If the library is also in the IDS network, you can use your card with us, too. You don’t need to reregister and can immediately access the NEBIS recherche with your normal login ID and order the documents you want.
    If you have a BibliOpass card, you can also use it within NEBIS network.

  • I’ve forgotten my password. What now?

    Please send your name and user number, full address incl. telephone number and date of birth to your home library or service@library.ethz.ch. You will then receive a provisional password, which you should change into a personalized one via your NEBIS user account as soon as possible.

  • I’ve received a recall for documents that I borrowed only recently. What does that mean?

    The validity of the NEBIS user IDs is limited. If the IDs run out, all documents on loan are automatically recalled immediately and orders are no longer possible. To renew and update your user account, please contact your home library.

  • The emails from the library don’t arrive. What’s wrong?

    That can be down to a number of causes. Perhaps you haven’t got enough space in your email account and can no longer receive emails from anyone. Perhaps your internet service provider or email host is blocking our mails because it falsely interprets them as spams. Perhaps the settings on your email program or spam filters are too strict. Unfortunately, we have no influence on whether you receive your email or not. The loan periods in accordance with the loan directives apply in every case. By the same token, fines for late returns in accordance with the use directives are due.

  • What happens if I return the documents too late?

    Once the regular loan period has elapsed, you will receive a message (reminder / recall). You then have ten days to return the item. If you fail to meet this deadline, you will receive the first reminder with a fine. With every subsequent reminder, the fine increases for each document to a max. CHF 35.-. Otherwise, the terms of usage of the individual libraries apply.

  • When I go to order a document, the error message “Your user ID is no longer valid. Please contact your home library.” appears. What do I have to do?

    The validity of the NEBIS IDs is limited. When the validity of the ID runs out, all documents on loan are automatically recalled and orders are no longer possible. To renew and update your user account, please contact your home library.

  • When I search via the search window in NEBIS recherche the following message appears: “Time out / No response, Server must be down”. NEBIS re-cherche do not work?

    Not necessarily. If the NEBIS recherche does not work, you will be prominently informed on our homepage. If the system is working and you still receive an error message, check your browser for known problems.

  • Where am I searching with the NEBIS recherche?

    NEBIS recherche offers you three different tabs for document search. Under the tab “Books, Journals, Images…” you will find books, journals and other materials from the collections of the NEBIS network libraries. The tab “Articles and more” offers you over 500 million journal articles and book chapters from the Primo Central Index. Under the tab “All” you’re offered a combination of the two tabs “Books, journals, images…” and “Articles and more”.

  • Where can I make queries limited to the index of universal decimal classification (UDC) in NEBIS?

    For the specific search in UDC, the database ESS11 is at your disposal. The database ESS11 contains entries in the subject index . Books or other documents can be found as usual in the NEBIS recherche.

  • Which browser do I need to use for a request in NEBIS recherche?

    We recommend you use versions of popular browsers that are as current as possible (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Seamonkey, Safari, Opera, etc.). Important: Javascript (for Internet Explorer Active Scripting) must be activated.

  • Who can I contact if I experience problems or would like to make a suggestion?

    Please fill in the contact form or phone: Tel: +41 44 632 21 35.
    For further questions on registration, ordering and reservations, send an email to your home library or service@library.ethz.ch.

  • Why am I being charged a fine without receiving a reminder first?

    Sending reminders is an additional service. It might be that they are not delivered even though they have been dispatched by the library (also see previous question/answer). Essentially, borrowers are responsible for returning items on time. Consequently, we recommend verifying the status of loans and reminders regularly via your NEBIS account.

  • Why doesn’t the latest literature appear at the top of the list in NEBIS recherche?

    The publication year is irrelevant for classification according to relevance. Relevant essentially means what matches your search request the most closely. If you are searching for monographs that are as current as possible, change how the results list is sorted with the option “sorted by”.

  • Why have I still got fees “unpaid” on my NEBIS user account even though I paid them a long time ago?

    Fees from the last three months are displayed on your user account. The accounts and collections are processed with another software program. If you have any further questions, contact the holding library for the document in question.

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