Basic course Descriptive cataloging – Module 3

Course contents

Course objectives of the whole course

The participants are able to use and apply Aleph handling in the areas descriptive cataloging and administration of library items, and to understand the principles of RDA and GND and to catalogue basic media correctly. They can correctly produce GND records for basic authority data in the area of individuals and corporate bodies.

Course structure

The basic course descriptive cataloging is held twice a year and has a modular structure.
One can attend the modules separately.

Module 3 (1 day)

Topics dealt with: RDA Advanced Cataloguing, Ongoing resources: Journals, analytical records, conferences and exhibitions, special publications
Practical exercises: 1 optional afternoon of practical exercises.

Course preparation

After the application deadline the course instructors will inform the participants what kind of preparations they have to make before and during the course. Ideally the libraries will allow the course participants several hours for preparation and follow-up work.

Study platform

The course participants will be given access to a study platform during the time of the course, which will present the course documents.

Training client

During the course, an Aleph training client will be provided for all the course participants to practice on. After the application deadline the course participants will receive a manual on installing the client. The client has to be installed by the participants before the course starts. If they have any difficulties in installing it, the network head office will provide assistance. Use of the client is offered as an additional option.

Follow-up support

The course participants will be given follow-up support for three months after the course has ended, by the NEBIS network head office. This includes checking the catalogue entries created in the production database, and answering any questions. External attendees, and persons who do not have the opportunity to work in the production database, will be given sample exercises for the training client.

Assessment of performance

The participants will receive a course confirmation after completing the course, which includes a note stating that this confirmation does not say anything about the participant’s performance on the course. The NEBIS network head office will give the course participants indications of their performance later during the follow-up support. External persons or persons who are not actively working on the production database will not be assessed.

Please note that by registering for the course you agree to the General Terms and Conditions of the NEBIS network head office.

Target audience

  • Employees who do not have training or experience as a librarian, and who will be doing descriptive cataloging.
  • Employees who work in a NEBIS library but have little or no experience in descriptive cataloging and who will now be doing descriptive cataloging.
  • External persons who are interested

Information about procedure

Course dates:
19 November 2019

Optional afternoon of practical exercises:
21 November 2019, from 13.30 h to 16.30 h